My Story

I am a solo house-sitter who loves to travel and discover new environments and cultures. 

My love of travel was spawned by my parents who ensured we traveled every summer and then after early retirement, they traveled for the rest of their lives.

Being nomadic feels right to me and I love the freedom it offers.  It speaks to my inner child who still sees the world and new things with a sense of wonder.

Louise with Buddha

I knew there were a lot of places wanted to visit and experience, but how could I do it?

Life, as you know, has a way of answering your questions and one day, I came upon a website called “Hectic Travels“.  It was by a couple who were traveling the world, on a tight budget, and doing the things I wanted to do.  They were using house-sitting to help them achieve their goals.

Upon further research, I came across another book, International House Sitting by Nat and Jodie, and they too were traveling the world on a tight budget by using house-sitting.

This introduced me to the House Sitting Academy, a self-study website that was designed to teach house-sitters the ‘best practices’ of house-sitting.  Well, I was a long-time homeowner and dog owner, so it was really a no brainer.

Initially, I house-sat with my husband, but the nomadic life didn’t suit him at all.  So, five years later, I am house-sitting solo and I wouldn’t trade my experiences of the last five years or the years ahead of me for anything!  I love living like a local in so many parts of the world and immersing myself in the culture to get the authentic vibe of the area.

I am going to have so many amazing stories to tell my grandchildren and great-grandchildren – they are going to call me the Gypsy Granny!

So, browse through my website, see where I have been, the pets I have cared for, the services I offer, and the most important references I have.

You can contact me through the Contact Me page.