Cordova Bay, BC

Services I Provide

I will care for your home and your pets as I would my own.

Pond on Pender

I am a long-term homeowner and I fully understand what needs to be done to care for a home and maintain it to a standard.  I will follow your policies and procedures to continue the maintenance of your home, yard, pool, pond, as well as the interior. Just give me a list of what you need managed, with concise instructions on how to use your motorized tools or schedules required for maintenance. I do provide a Book of the House that contains the information I need to know to ensure the upkeep of your home.


Your pets are one of your most dear possessions and I will continue to care for them lovingly, as you would.  I am not concerned about cleaning up after them, giving them medication, or feeding them to your specifications. (my dogs were fed a raw food diet, so I have no issues with that either).

I also love to garden and will care for and harvest your garden.  I have, on many occasions, ensured that fruit and vegetables are picked, prepared, and frozen.  I only ask to share in the bounty while I am at your home.

I do have expertise with large breed dogs and puppies and I will assist in the training of puppies for a negotiated fee.